Does my amp need to burn in? What is the recommended burn-in time? 

We currently don’t have a workspace that allows for a dedicated burn-in area, so most MicroZOTL2s will need 35-40 hours to sound their best, though they’ll sound very good well before that. The ZOTL10 and ZOTL40 will need a bit more burn-in. 

Hey! I saw a more recent MicroZOTL2 and it had larger feet/a welded case/etc. Why doesn’t mine have those things?

 We’re always working on ways to improve our products in ways that don’t add too much to the production cost and therefore can still be absorbed by the retail price. When it’s possible, we are always happy to offer these improvements at cost to our past customers.

I want to tube roll, and I have some 12AU7/12AX7s I love. Can I pop them in? 

The MicroZOTL2’s circuit has little flexibility, so you should only use 12AT7 and 6SN7, or directly equivalent, tubes.

I've got the cover off and my sentimentally valuable non-stock tubes ready to go but the tube sockets are very tight and the PCB is slightly flexing! How do I get the stock tubes out? 

Don’t worry - we’ve had many, many customers do a lot of tube switching, and we have yet to receive notice of any failures related to the tube sockets or PCB surrounding them. Just grip the tubes firmly and rock them in a circular motion until you can pull them up and out. 

I want to use the MicroZOTL2 as an amp for speakers, since it does have speaker outputs. How sensitive should my speakers be? 

If you’re going to use thee MicroZOTL2 to power desktop speakers that you’ll listen to from quite close, anything above 90db should be driven to ample volume. If you’re wanting to have speakers tasked with filling a small room with adequate sound, look for speakers above 95db. 

Can the MicroZOTL2 power the HE-6 or The Abyss?

These headphones are especially low-sensitivity and most headphone amps, including the MicroZOTL2, do not provide adequate power to drive them. The MicroZOTL2 has no problem driving the majority of less idiosyncratic headphones, from low impedance planar to high impedance dynamic.

Are there balanced outputs/inputs on the MicroZOTL2? Can you make a MicroZOTL2 with a balanced headphone jack?

The MicroZOTL2 is a single-ended amp,