As audiophiles ourselves, we know that it takes listening in your own environment, with your own system and your own music, to fully understand and appreciate the performance of a new piece of equipment. To facilitate your full satisfaction with a product, we offer a 14-day period for our amplifiers during which you can return your amp for any reason.

This program is subject to the following conditions:

  • Time period begins upon receipt of product

  • Return can be for any reason, but you must call or email within the given time period for return authorization

  • Equipment must be returned in as-new condition (opening the unit and replacing parts, including tubes, causes the unit to no longer be "as-new," and thus voids this offer), or you may be liable for repair costs

  • Returns must be shipped within one week of receiving return authorization

  • We will pay return shipping for continental US customers, all international customers will be responsible for paying shipping

  • International returns must be shipped to us with freight and customs brokerage fees pre-paid

  • Shipping charges, customs fees, and customs brokerage fees will not be refunded or reimbursed (international customers only)

  • Original purchase funds will be refunded within five business days of the receipt of the unit

Note: this return policy only applies to LTA amplifiers. Any other company's product is subject to that company's return policy.


MHDT Lab DACs have a 1-year warranty. Any modifications outside of tube replacement/rolling void this warranty.

Repair service is available by Linear Tube Audio for labor + parts.

MHDT DACs are not eligible for our 14-day home trial period. All sales are final.