In order to keep the cost of our amps as low as possible for our customers, we do not sell our amps through dealers or resellers. We only sell direct to our customers.

While this does make it slightly more difficult to audition our amps, we do have a 14-day return policy that allows you to audition any of our amps in your home.

After purchasing an amplifier, you have 14 days after you've received it to return an amp for any reason and receive a full refund for the purchase price, assuming the unit is returned in the same condition we sent it.

This allows you to listen to any of our amps in the familiar confines of your home, with the other components you are familiar with. This is a much better way to evaluate any new component than in an unfamiliar showroom with unfamiliar components.

That said, if you are near Washington, DC, we invite you to our workshop to see where our amps our made and audition them with the selection of speakers and components we have on hand.

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