In some cases, such as the HiFiMAN HE-6, which has notably low sensitivity and thus requires several watts to power adequately, the MZ2 and MZ3 probably will not give you a satisfyingly loud and full listening experience. Since the unique circuit of LTA amps reacts very little to different impedances, it is mostly a matter of sensitivity when it comes to which headphones the MZ2 and MZ3 works well with.

Whether it can "drive my headphones" often just means "will I prefer how my headphones sound with this amp?" We've read many accounts of people thinking their HE1000 or HD650 has never sounded better than on a MZ2 or MZ3. I've also read one or two accounts of people saying the opposite.

We don't know what you like, but we do know that we've read far more mentions of the MZ2 and MZ3 sounding good with all kinds of headphones than not.

While we’re at it, we should also note that the headphone outputs on the Z10 Integrated and Z10e electrostatic headphone amp are more powerful and may work better for you if you have less sensitive headphones.

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