The New ZOTL10 Mk.II - Available Now

Equipped with an entirely new power supply, a re-designed backplate, upgraded wiring, and other improvements. 

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Welcome to Linear Tube Audio and Urban HiFi, our storefront listening room in Takoma Park, MD, in the Washington, DC metro area.  

At the LTA workshop, our small manufacturing team builds the unique, labor-intensive David Berning designed amplifiers that we've become known for, building to order to ensure that every amp meets each future owner's needs. Due to the options we offer and the labor involved in each amp, we are unlikely to have exactly what you want immediately available. We are making audio components designed to scale with a system and live for a long time with you and your music. 

At Urban HiFi, our storefront and Listening Room, we have a collection of equipment by manufacturers we consider great people who make great products that have synergy with ours, and only desire to show products that we have a personal relationship with. In several cases, we have established a reciprocal sales relationship with the companies and offer bundled deals with their products. We don't carry stock of everything in the Listening Room, but we can arrange for drop shipments and consolidate communication. Everything in Urban HiFi is by nature of its inclusion a product we can recommend highly, as we at LTA enjoy listening to it.



9 October


Had an excellent time showing with Fern & Roby at RMAF over the weekend. The system sounded great, anchored by F&R turntables and the Maverick phono stage, MZ2 and the new ZOTL10 Mk.II, and rounded out with DeVore Fidelity Orangutans and Black Cat Cables. 

13 July

The Audio Beatnik digs the MZ2 + Teresonic speaker combo. Read his review.

10 July

Dick Olsher's review of the ZOTL40 Mk.II in The Absolute Sound is now online! Take a look HERE.

31 May

Positive Feedback named the room at AXPONA an Audio Oasis! Thank you again to everyone involved!


8 May

                                                                                                                                  Credit: Mike on Audioshark.org

                                                                                                                                  Credit: Mike on Audioshark.org


Axpona has come and gone and we had a great time in our room with Spatial Audio's new Triode Master M3 speakers and Lampizator's new Golden Atlantic DAC and Komputer server. Verastarr hooked us all up. 

We won't be in LA for the upcoming show, but our friends at Well Pleased AV will be using an MZ2-S as a preamp in their excellent setup. 

23 January 

The MZ2 and MZ2-S are now available with optional remote volume control in our store! The MicroZOTL2.0 and the MicroZOTL2.0 Deluxe have been phased out and replaced by these similar units. 

We'll also be attending CanJam NYC the first weekend of February! Hope to see people there. 


Two Stereophile writers named our room at the NY Show their Best in Show. Thanks for stopping by, Ken Micallef and Jana Dagdagan.

For those who couldn't make it, we again teamed with the exciting new Wolf Audio Systems with their Red Wolf server, as well as Audience's cables and we finally got to see, and hear, the beautiful Veracity Audio Chrysalis DAC. The voice of our room was provided by Sadurni Acoustics' new Miracoli speaker, an impressive horn that we bi-amped with two MZ2-Ss. All of these things make beautiful music together, and allowing that music to sound beautiful in a hotel room were the acoustic treatments built by Resolution Acoustics, and allowing them to look beautiful were a rack and two amp platforms by NY's own Box Furniture, out of Brooklyn.

Wolf Audio Server atop the Box rack, followed by the Veracity Chrysalis DAC, with the MZ2-S pair out front and the Miracoli horns, you know, right there.  (Photo by David Parvey)

Wolf Audio Server atop the Box rack, followed by the Veracity Chrysalis DAC, with the MZ2-S pair out front and the Miracoli horns, you know, right there.  (Photo by David Parvey)