All Linear Tube Audio amplifiers are built to order and made by hand. Our “simplest” product takes a technician two full days to build.

After an amp is built, it is tested extensively and burned in. One of our amps, the ZOTL40 Reference, gets burned in for 168 hours, a full seven days, before it’s shipped out. The minimum burn in time for our amps is 48 hours.

Could we ship our amps out sooner without burning them in?

Sure, but then our customers would have to do this part of the process, and that just doesn’t seem right. We don’t make our customers do any other part of the build and testing process. Why make them burn the amps in?

Plus, we want our amps to arrive sounding their absolute best from day one, and we know from experience that our customers want this as well.

Getting a new product, especially a new amp for your sound system, is a momentous and exciting occasion. We don’t want to diminish that experience by shipping an amp that isn’t 100% ready for optimal enjoyment from the day it arrives.

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