Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amp / Preamp / Integrated Amp


Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amp / Preamp / Integrated Amp


LTA’s newest product, the Z10e is a reference 10-watt electrostatic headphone amp, also capable of driving any planar and standard dynamic headphones on the planet. This is an end-game product for demanding electrostatic headphone owners.

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LTA is excited to announce the Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier. With all the magic, realism, and 3D soundstage of ZOTL technology, the Z10e delivers one of the best electrostatic headphone experiences available. In addition, the Z10e is a full function regular dynamic and planar headphone amplifier and a 12-watt per channel integrated speaker amplifier.

A single component solution, the Z10e incorporates the acclaimed ZOTL10 power amplifier, a Berning-designed preamplifier, and the LTA control system with 100 steps of attenuation and 5 true balanced and single-ended inputs – all packaged in a beautiful aluminum low-resonance case designed by Fern & Roby.

With startling realism, plentiful bass, and gorgeous mids and highs – 3D music seems as if it’s appearing from a silent, black background.

The LED array display and the milled aluminum front and rear panels exude high quality manufacturing, handmade in the USA.

The Z10e offers all the benefits of the ZOTL technology of three times the tube life and one third the heat output.

The Amplifier

The heart of the Z10e is the highly-acclaimed ZOTL10 power amplifier, using sweet sounding EL-84 power tubes providing 12 tube watts per channel. Delivering much higher power than solid state amps with the same power rating, ZOTL tube amplifiers can drive your 90db and above sensitivity speakers to very loud, even “thundering” levels.

The Preamplifier

The amplifier is preceded by the 12AU7 preamplifier circuitry, which was borrowed from one of David Berning’s ultra-premium amplifiers. It features both true balanced and single ended inputs. The preamplifier uses ceramic circuit board material, giving it a premium point-to-point sound quality.

The LTA Control System

The amplifier is wrapped in our new control system featuring: 5 inputs (including one true balanced input), tape in and out, LED dimmable display with configurable time out, LED input indicators, home theater mode, remote controlled stepped attenuation using premium Vishay Dale resistors, and a linear power supply configured with a Belleson regulator for extremely low noise. Additionally, the Z10e comes equipped with two headphone output jacks: a high output for less sensitive headphones and a low output for very sensitive headphones.


Inputs: 3 single-ended RCA stereo inputs, 1 true balanced stereo input using two 3-pin combomXLR/TRS jacks

Speaker Output: 4 WBT copper speaker binding posts, banana or spade

Conventional Headphone Outputs: Low: Approx. 10 watts per channel, High: Approx. 12 watts per channel

Electrostatic Headphone Output: 5 pin Stax interface, 580V bias

Front Panel Controls: Power switch, Input switch, volume control, and headphone / speaker switch

Remote Control: All front panel functions and configuration menu accessed using an aluminum Apple TV Remote

Volume Control: 100 stepped attenuator (smallest step 1/1000th of total value) using Vishay Dale 1% precision resistors

Output impedance: 1.2 ohms

Power Supply: Linear supply using a Belleson regulator and low ESR poly-organic capacitors

Input impedance: 47k

115VAC or 220VAC configured at factory - 50/60Hz - IEC receptacle

Hum and noise: 94dB below full output (measured at 20Hz-20kHz) • Carrier: -50dB (460kHz)

Power output with 4-ohm load: 13W, 0.5% THD

Power output with 8-ohm load: 12W, 0.5% THD

Frequency response (8-ohm load): 6Hz to 60kHz, +0, -.5dB

Amplifier class: Push-pull Class AB

Voltage gain (8-ohm load): 18dB

Net weight: Amplifier: 18 lbs./8.2 kg

Finish: Aluminum case

Tube complement: two 12AT7s, four 12AU7s, and four EL-84s

Home Theater Function can select any input for fixed volume

Display: 16 Levels of brightness and programmable 7-second time out