Here is how a selection of customers and reviewers have described the ZOTL Ultralinear amp:

Terry London’s review:

Think of the ZOTL Ultralinear amplifier as a world-class SET for its inner glow of gorgeous color/timbres plus the sense of aliveness and dynamics of a more powerful push/pull. This amplifier would be welcome in any system with standard speakers and listeners who prioritize beautiful tonality and timbres, first-rate imaging and the aliveness and 'speed' of live music.

~Audiogon User dodgealum

In my system the Ultralinear conveys the natural warmth of acoustic instruments and voices without editorializing. It is exceptionally clean, quick and dynamic yet completely uncolored and free of sonic artifacts. When you listen through this amp your focus will be squarely upon the music, not the means (transistors or tubes) by which it is being reproduced.

~ The Audio Beatnik Review

I’ll start by saying this is the best Class AB amplifier I have ever heard. The first thing I noticed was that the LTA Ultralinear was the quietest amp I have ever heard; not the quietest tube amp, but the quietest amp. I think this enabled me to hear some of its most captivating qualities; its incredible sense of pace and rhythm, explosive dynamics, and micro-dynamics. I found myself tapping my foot almost as often as I do when listening to live music. The amp is so unbelievably natural that it was hard to think about anything but the music, the glorious music.