LTA will once again be all over the place at AXPONA. We love meeting our customers and fans in person, so if you'll also be at AXPONA, we invite and encourage you to introduce yourselves and say hello.

Where to find LTA @ AXPONA

Room 546: Hear the microZOTL Preamplifier paired with ZOTL Ultralinears (monoblocks with custom wooden faceplates) and Daedalus speakers.

Room 606: We're joined by our partner Fern & Roby to show off the MZ3 as a preamplifier running with our new ZOTL40 Reference amplifier through their beautiful floorstanding speakers.

Room 696: We're showcasing the award-winning combination of our microZOTL Preamplifier + Ultralinear amplifier and Spatial Audio's latest open baffle loudspeaker designs.

Ear Gear Expo Booth 8415: We'll have a bevy of high-end headphones for you to listen to with the MZ3, and we'll also have our new Z10e electrostatic headphone amp on display.

LTA Products @ AXPONA

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Z10e // Electrostatic Headphone Amp - Details

LTA’s newest product, the Z10e is a reference 10-watt electrostatic headphone amp, also capable of driving any planar and standard dynamic headphones on the planet. This is an end-game product for demanding electrostatic headphone owners. $6,950

MZ3 // Headphone Amp + Preamp + 1-watt Integrated Amp - Details

The latest version of our award-winning MZ2. In a beautiful new low-resonance aluminum chassis, the MZ3 offers reference-level sonics through upgraded internal components, premium tubes, and a digital control system with display. $3,700

microZOTL Preamplifier // Preamplifier + Headphone amp - Details

The ultimate expression of the microZOTL as a full-featured reference preamplifier. Grand soundstage, heightened clarity, blacker background, and smoother dynamics characterize the sonic improvements of this premium product. $4,450

ZOTL10 MK. II // Mono+Stereo Power Amplifier - Details

The next generation of the ZOTL10, the Mk.II, has a beefy linear power supply, Belleson regulators, low output impedance, consistent performance regardless of speaker impedance, and low heat operation with long tube life. $3,200

PRODUCT LAUNCH: ZOTL40 Reference // Mono+Stereo Power Amplifier - Details

The latest iteration of LTA's EL34-based ZOTL40, voiced for high efficiency speakers, includes a new chassis, component improvements, and is supplied with Mullard NOS EL-34s, that take this 40-50 watt-per-channel amp to a new level. $6,800

ZOTL Ultralinear // Mono+Stereo Power Amplifier - Details

Our flagship ZOTL amplifier design by David Berning and the first Ultralinear amplifier not limited by traditional output transformers. The LTA Ultralinear outputs 20 watts per channel using premium 17JN6 tubes. $6,800