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Amp Upgrades

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Want to add to an amp you already have? Want to add something to an amp you've just ordered? This is the place to do it.

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MZ2 Remote Volume Control Upgrade: The MZ2 remote uses a motorized version of the Alps Blue Velvet pot, which is also used in the non-remote version. Same pot, same sound. No sonic signal degradation. It uses the Apple TV remote control, included.

MZ2 NOS 12SN7 Tube Upgrade: the MZ2 comes standard with Russian Tung-sol (new production) 6SN7s and 12AT7s.  In the 50's, automobiles changed the electrical systems from 6V to 12V, so to support the car radio market, all the tube manufacturers came out with 12V tubes.  They sound identical to 6V tubes, but few amplifier manufacturers are aware of them. The good news is you can get a 12SN7 that sounds the same as the more expensive 6SN7 for a fraction of the cost. The MZ2 can use either 6SN7s (6 volt heater) or 12SN7s (12 volt heater). You can get the biggest sonic upgrade to the microZOTL with the $60 NOS tube option that provides 2 tested, noiseless 12SN7s installed in your unit. No hassle.  Why wouldn't everyone want this? Some people have shoe boxes full of NOS 6SN7s and get no advantage with 12SN7s. (Note we charge the difference in cost, so NOS upgrades do not also get the Russian would never listen to them anyway once you had the NOS tubes).

MZ2 LPS to LPS+ Upgrade: Using some of the technology developed for our latest products, the LPS+ upgrade dramatically improves the soundstage of the MZ2. When you ship your LPS to LTA, we will replace the specific components with upgraded parts.

ZOTL10 PSU Upgrade: This will upgrade your ZOTL10 Mk I to a ZOTL10 Mk II. Dramatically improve bass, dynamics, and soundstage.

ZOTL10 Remote Controlled Stepped Attenuator Upgrade: Upgrades the Alps volume control to a 64-step stepped attenuator with remote. Includes Apple remote.

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ZOTL40 Reference Upgrade Program

For ZOTL40 power amplifiers owners, we have a ZOTL40 Reference Upgrade Program that allows you to upgrade your unit to the latest production version at a fraction of the price.