ZOTL40 Reference Upgrade Program


ZOTL40 Reference Upgrade Program

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As a ZOTL40 owner, we want you to have the best possible sound in your system, so we are pleased to offer an upgrade program for you to get all the benefits of the new ZOTL40 Reference at a fraction of the price.

Resistor Upgrade (Free):
Tube Upgrade:
Capacitor Upgrade:
Case Upgrade:
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As you may know, we recently launched a major upgrade to the ZOTL40 amplifier design, a product we’re calling the ZOTL40 Reference.

Why “Reference”? It’s that good.

We are offering two tiers of upgrade, one of which is free.

FREE Resistor Upgrade

  • LTA will upgrade the resistor values in your existing amp at no charge

  • You pay only shipping (both ways)

  • Improved bass and overall tonal texture, especially with high-efficiency speakers

Additional Upgrades

In addition to the above, you can opt to have us do the following upgrades. If you do all of them, your amp be upgraded sonically and visually to a full ZOTL40 Reference amplifier.

  • Premium Capacitor upgrade: $250

    • Improved dymanics, by upgrading all of the capacitors in the audio path to premium film capacitors

  • NOS Mullard EL-34 tube upgrade: $800

    • One of the best mid-range tubes on the planet, improves everything over the stock tubes

  • Case upgrade: $800

    • New chassis design, featuring low-resonance milled aluminum case designed by Fern & Roby (see photos below)

  • All upgrades: $1,665 (10% discount)

10% off a new ZOTL40 Reference amplifier

If you would like to purchase a new ZOTL40 Reference, we are happy to offer you a 10% discount off the retail price. As an existing customer, you will also be placed at the front of the line for production and delivery.

Use Discount Code 40REFUPGRADE at checkout.

ZOTL40 Reference Amplifier

Linear Tube Audio is proud to present the ZOTL40 Reference amplifier. A worthy flagship and the most refined manifestation of David Berning’s ZOTL design.

The latest iteration of LTA's EL34-based amplifier, the ZOTL40 Reference includes a new chassis, component improvements, and is supplied with Mullard NOS EL-34s that take this 40-50 watt-per-channel amp to a new level.

What’s New in the ZOTL40 Reference Amplifier

We have been making the ZOTL40 (Mk II) for a couple years, and it enjoys a stellar reputation when using low sensitivity speakers such as electrostatics. Over the past year LTA has invested in design development and along the way found opportunities to bring fresh insights and refinements into every one of the products in our lineup, including the ZOTL40 reference power amplifier.

The ZOTL40 reference amp is the kind of unbelievably good product that can only be developed with careful experimentation over time.

Improvements in the ZOTL40 Reference amplifier include:

  • Careful component auditioning (review & final selection) with a broad range of available loudspeakers to elevate the ZOTL40 reference amp to deliver the best results possible for our clientele.

  • Premium Mullard EL-34 tubes are standard.

  • New chassis designed and built by Fern & Roby includes careful selection of materials and finishes plus grounding and shielding improvements.

The result is a significant improvement to the ZOTL40 Mk II that makes the ZOTL40 Reference an end-game component for guaranteed excellence in any presentation.

Purchase without fear or doubt. Like all Linear Tube Audio products, the ZOTL40 Reference Amplifier comes with a 14-day no-questions-asked return period and a one-year warranty.