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Evoke Eddie

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The Evoke Eddie establishes a new benchmark in performance to value, named by The Absolute Sound as "Best Sound for the Money" at their T.H.E. Show Newport 2016 debut, the Eddie offers incredible realism and impact for far less than equivalent sounding speakers.

Central to their design is the proprietary Strat F1 planar midrange. Using the strongest neodymium magnets and most rigid structure imaginable combined with patented internal damping and diaphragm tensioning processes. The result is drivers with less than .5db difference in production, high efficiency, wide dynamic range, extended frequency response, consistent quality, and virtually without distortion.

Eddie's TruFlat ribbon tweeter complements the speed and transparency of the Strat F1 driver. With an ideal crossover spot between drivers, upper frequency response is extended with maintained continuity in dispersion. The flat ribbon allows for long-term driver stability compared to pleated ribbons.

The RM7 woofer was specifically designed to match the Strat F1. A low mass cone, heavily cast frame, and phase plug combine to give a low end that makes you forget the desire for a subwoofer.

Uniting all of these is the Eddie's T-Phase System Integration, which gives a dynamic and subtle performance without being fatiguing and without distortion.


3-Way Audiophile Reference Monitor
Rear Ported Enclosure
Tweeter and Midrange Level Controls
TruFlat Ribbon Tweeter
RM7 Woofer
Strat F1 Planar
WBT 5-Way Binding Posts, Insulated
Removable Black Magnetic Grille
Post Modern American Walnut
+/- 3 dB 32 Hz – 30 kHz
89 dB 1W/1M
Impedance 4 Ohms Minimum
Suggested Amp Power – 50 to 150+ Watts* 
23 3/4″ Tall x 10 1/4″ Wide x 15 1/2″ Deep [16″ Deep with Grille]
Approxiamately 50 Pounds

Eddie Optional Upgrade – $995 MSRP
Mundorf Supreme Capacitors with Silver Coated Oxygenated Copper Wire