Bundle: Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amp + Voce Electrostatic Headphones


Bundle: Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amp + Voce Electrostatic Headphones

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Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

LTA is excited to announce the Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier. With all the magic, realism, and 3D soundstage of ZOTL technology, the Z10e delivers one of the best electrostatic headphone experiences available. In addition, the Z10e is a full function regular dynamic and planar headphone amplifier and a 12-watt per channel integrated speaker amplifier.

A single component solution, the Z10e incorporates the acclaimed ZOTL10 power amplifier, a Berning-designed preamplifier, and the LTA control system with three inputs – all packaged in a beautiful aluminum low-resonance case designed by Fern & Roby.

With startling realism, plentiful bass, and gorgeous mids and highs – 3D music seems as if it’s appearing from a silent, black background.

The LED array display and the milled aluminum front and rear panels exude high quality manufacturing, handmade in the USA.

The Z10e offers all the benefits of the ZOTL technology of three times the tube life and one third the heat output.

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Mr. Speakers VOCE Electrostatic Headphones

VOCE is designed to deliver electrostatic clarity, a powerful bass experience, and an expansive soundstage.

Key features include:

  • 188mm driver for extended and rich bass that reaches below 10Hz

  • Advanced metal stators for enhanced resolution

  • Flexible, microphonic-free round silver plated copper cable with a solid machined Teflon connector with an aluminum housing

  • Convenient and attractive walnut storage box with built-in headphone stand

  • All metal construction, less than 330gr

  • Tuning filters for a customized listening experience

  • Field-serviceable driver module

  • Fully dust-sealed drivers

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