Bundle: Z10 Integrated Amplifier + Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire Speakers


Bundle: Z10 Integrated Amplifier + Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire Speakers

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Take the guesswork out of building your new system and pairing the right amp with the right speakers. Get the American-made, award-winning combination of Linear Tube Audio amplification and Spatial Audio open-baffle loudspeakers at a fraction of the price.

The Z10 Integrated amplifier and M5 Sapphire speakers are the perfect entry to high-fidelity audio, with their modern design inside and out.

M5 Sapphire Speakers

The Pure Sapphire M100 driver is our second generation Uniwave® device. Operating from 576Hz-40kHz, it retrieves deep levels of information and provides the coherency of a point source membrane. With its high excursion suspension design, massive heatsink cooling, along with Ferrofluid damping/thermal coupling - voice coil stability and overall reliability are ensured. The M100 ushers in a new level of insight into the music signal.

Our latest Open-baffle woofer - the Spatial ST15-8 offers up powerful low frequency energy with consummate speed and true tone. Precise transition to the M100 allows the M5 to speak with one voice across the audible spectrum.

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Z10 Integrated Amplifier

For those who demand the best, but want to keep things simple. The Z10 Integrated amplifier delivers the magic, realism, and 3D soundstage of our patented ZOTL technology, all in one (gorgeous) package.

A single-component solution, the Z10 Integrated amplifier incorporates the acclaimed ZOTL10 power amplifier, a Berning-designed preamplifier, LTA’s digital control system, and an optional phono preamp–beautifully packaged in a Fern & Roby-designed case.

Powered by premium EL84 tubes, delivering 12 watts per channel, listeners enjoy startling realism, plentiful bass, low noise, plus gorgeous mids and highs.

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