Microzotl preamplifier

Terry London of home theaterreview.com reviews the MicroZOTL Preamplifier


Audio Beatnik says our Ultralinear is "incredibly rich and nimble!" 


Positive Feedback recommends the ZOTL40 Mk.II

Dick Olsher gives the ZOTL40 two thumbs up in The Absolute Sound

5 stars all around for the ZOTL40, reviewed by Terry London at HomeTheatreReview.com

Vade Forrester "Strongly Recommends" the ZOTL40 in Soundstage! Ultra

Both the MicroZOTL2 and the ZOTL40 receive Best of 2016 from Home Theatre Review


Part-time Audiophile ZOTL10 Mk.II

Paul Schumann at Enjoy The Music is "smitten" with the ZOTL10 Mk.II

The Audio Beatnik enjoys the ZOTL10 Mk.II

Audio Bacon names the ZOTL10 Mk.II to their Best of 2017 list

The ZOTL10 Mk.II is Most Wanted by Stereo Times


The Audio Beatnik is impressed with the MZ2

John Richardson concludes that the MicroZOTL2 is a "master of all" trades at Part Time Audiophile

Both the MicroZOTL2 and the ZOTL40 receive Best of 2016 from Home Theatre Review

"Wow. Just wow." The Master Switch reviews the MZ2-S

The Master Switch adds the MZ2-S to its list of Best Headphone Amps

"Highly recommended times three!" Herb Reichert reviews the MicroZOTL2.0 in Stereophile

"Without hyperbole, I believe the MicroZOTL2.0 might be a better performer than all of [the preamplifiers I've heard]." Terry London reviews us at HomeTheaterReview.com

"[Midrange is] beautiful…rich, detailed, ZOTL gets the nuances of voices and instruments" Jack Skowron writes for Headphone.guru

"the microZOTL2.0 is the pinnacle of desirability when it comes to headphone amplifers." Dick Olsher review in the February '16 issue of The Absolute Sound

"put this pure black pearl in the center of your system." the MicroZOTL2.0 reviewed at ReMusic.it [original Italian]

The MicroZOTL2.0 is chosen as one of the ten best new audio products of 2015 by AVRev.com

AV Revolution reviews both the preamp and headphone amplifer capabilities of the MicroZOTL2.0

Steve Guttenberg finds joy in the MicroZOTL2.0 in his review for CNET

Enjoy the Music.com's Special 20/20 Award for High End-Audio Amplification for the MicroZOTL2.0, chosen by editor Stephen R. Rochlin

Enjoy the Music review by Tom Lyle 


Best Value of Capital Audiofest 2018? See what Marc Phillips of Part-time Audiophile has to say about our room with Spatial Audio

Enjoy The Music does just that in our room at CAF 2017

"[The microZOTL2.0] is a kick ass head-fi amp!" - Kemper Holt, Capital Audio Fest show report for EnjoytheMusic.com

Ken Micallaf names our NY Show room as his "best of show" for Stereophile

Jana Dagdagan of Stereophile listed our room as her favorite at the NY Show

AV Showrooms gives the Care Audio room, featuring the MicroZOTL2.0 and ZOTL40, their Gold Show Award

"The sound . . . was startling–and I mean that in the best way." - Scot Hull trying the microZOTL2.0 at CAF in his Part-Time Audiophile show report

The Absolute Sound includes all of our amplifiers in the 13 best products from RMAF 2015

Auspicious Debut - Dick Olsher for The Absolute Sound at RMAF 2015

"I can't believe it's only 40 watts producing this huge sound." - AudioCircle's Tyson on the ZOTL40 in his room report at RMAF 2015

Hot Product - The Audio Beat at RMAF 2015