Our Partners

These are companies that we’ve collaborated with or established especially close working relationships with.

We endorse their products without hesitation.


Fern & Roby

Located in Richmond, VA, Fern & Roby grew out of the principles of industrial design. Immaculately detailed, straightforward, and beautiful in their materiality, F&R focuses on creating turntables, phono preamplifiers, and speakers. We have worked closely with them in the development of our latest casework and continue to collaborate on products.


Border Patrol

Based in nearby Maryland, Border Patrol makes some of the finest tube amps around, as well as one of our favorite DACs.


Wolf Audio Systems

Founded by designer Joe Parvey, Wolf Audio Systems is a family business run out of Jacksonville, FL. In just a few years, their unrelenting pursuit to create the best digital music server possible has earned their products a place in the most demanding listening rooms around the world.

SPATIAL - RED LOGO Large 2018-01.png


Founded by Clayton Shaw, Spatial Audio creates incredible open-baffle loudspeakers out of Salt Lake City, UT. Their fleet of speakers pair extremely well with our arsenal of amplifiers.