LTA is getting into the holiday spirit – EARLY! Enjoy our Black Friday Sale now through the end of Cyber Monday (November 26). We are offering 10% Off a wide selection of our product line including the Ultralinear, ZOTL40, ZOTL10 Mk. II, and the classic microZOTL MZ2 (*new products excluded*.) If you’ve ever wanted to enter the world of ZOTL, NOW is the time. Simply enter the code LTATHANKS at checkout.

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A variety of our products and accessories also qualify for the Black Friday Sale. Looking for an easy upgrade to your system? Look no further than our Linear Power Supply (LPS+) for the microZOTL MZ2, Audioism RCA interconnectsand digital cables, premium DC cables, and/or the excellent USB cleanup DoodleBug by Soundwerx and Beezar, an uncolored way to get rid of USB noise and give your DAC the optimal source signal. Our signature t-shirt is also available, for those wanting to represent LTA out in the world.

Additionally, we’ll be clearing out the last supply of our excellent selection of headphones. Pair your microZOTL MZ2 with the lifelike sound of the Audeze LCD-3s or the ‘hybrid electrostatz technology’ of Mitchell + Johnson. Now is also the time to take advantage of our dwindling supply of Mojo Portable DACby Chord Electronics for $463 (a 20% value!) We will also run the last stock of our iBasso IT03 IEMs and iBasso D14 Bushmaster Portable DAC/Headphone Amp for 50% Off.

We look forward to bringing more of the world of ZOTL into your household and as always, thank you for your support.