Here is how a selection of reviewers have described the ZOTL10 Mk II amp:

Part-Time Audiophile Review:

While it’s not exactly the “classic” sounding vacuum tube amplifier in many respects, it does seem to preserve those things that tubes do really well (think open, unfettered sound with highly natural harmonics) while minimizing their perceived shortcomings. This amplifier earns my accolades for its stunning sense of clarity, transparency, and precise spaciousness of sound.

Enjoy The Music Review:

I am smitten with the ZOTL10 MK II. Its brings out the best in any music you play through it. Rock, jazz, classical, pop – it doesn't matter. What made it so difficult to review this amp is the reviewer part of my brain would keep shutting off and I would just start listening to the music. I can't think of any better compliment than that.

The Audio Beatnik Review:

The ZOTL10 Mk.II also gave me a very realistic musical presentation… It plays music with wonderful harmonics and richness but with musically quick transience and very nice bass control. Mentioning the bass, it was able to carry the music with a really good rhythmic drive. The bass was also very well defined but not overly tight, and there wasn’t the least bit of “one-note bass.” There was also a very natural air around and within most bass instruments.

The top end was smooth and very extended. String and woodwind overtones were played beautifully. I was particularly impressed with the air around reed instruments and with the bite of horn instruments. Another important job of the top end of an amp is to have enough detail to help place the instruments and voices as they should be on the soundstage. In this area, I was very happy. The soundstage and imaging were very well portrayed by the Mk.II.